Amazing Photoshop Transformations

#1 Katy Perry

Look at those pores and how much makeup she has caked all over them. Disgusting. But hey, magic of Photoshop… perfect skin!

Katy Perry

#2 Lindsay Lohan

It should come as no surprise that LiLo needs a lot of Photoshop work. When you’re getting wasted in the club and snorting a gram of cocaine every night, this is what happens.Lindsay Lohan

#3 Nina Garcia

You probably don’t know who Nina Garcia is. Apparently she was a judge on Project Runway, though. At any rate, sometimes you can go too far with Photoshop. The person on the right doesn’t even look human.

Nina Garcia

#4 Kate Moss

Oh, so you’re telling me supermodels actually do age like everyone else? Who woulda thunk?!

Kate Moss

#5 Katie Couric

At first glance these photos look pretty much the same. At second glance, meet fat Katie Couric on the left and skinny Katie Couric on the right.

Katie Couric

#6 Britney Spears

Yup, we’re gonna need to get rid of Britney’s terrible skin. Oh, and cut down that double chin a little bit, huh?

Britney Spears

#7 Kim Cattrall

Holy hell, Batman! That’s one shriveled up old woman! Just think of all the makeup they had to cake on her face for Sex and The City.

Kim Cattrall

#8 Thom Yorke

Not a big difference in this one. Except for the removal of Thom’s signature creepy, droopy eyelid. Funny how that one thing can make him not look like Thom Yorke at all anymore.

Thom Yorke

#9 Fergie

Some art director clearly made this request for this photos: “Ummm, just remove as much of the ugly as you can. Less ugly! Less ugly!”


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