How to Open More Free Space in Small Apartments ?


Today, or maybe yesterday, in small apartments (which we mainly inhabit), each square and even linear centimeter is crucial, right? Just for this reason, we all trying to exploit the maximum of every corner.

However, no matter how small the apartment is, it is necessary to find a balance between the sizes of the furniture and the free space. Just then for help should come – almost like woe, that never comestough, the clever ideas – such as those that we decided to remind you! Because it is quite possible to have met some of these options for efficient use of small spaces before, but why do not to remind them again – you know, “The more, the better!”

Well, Winnie have told other clever things also, but now we will talk the smart ideas that can “correct” by the owners’ request, the space in the small room. And for those intents is good to have on hand creative ideas, right?

For example, this undersized room looks spacious thanks to the properly selected color palette: white, combined with natural pastel colors. But not without significance is also a good selection of furniture.Creative-coffee-table-with-flexible-modules-for-customization

The armchair with an interesting design and wheels instead of legs serves not only for comfortable rest in the evening, but can accommodate a late guest, suddenly decided to stay in the night.


Coffee table is a real treasure because it can hide a number of small items inside. A utility serving table can hold both vertical and horizontal position – wherever the owner likes!


Modular furniture is with compact sliding door – according to the mood of the owners, they can spend time reading or watching TV.


Between the couch and chair space on the wall has found a small box-drawer, which can serve as a table.


Near to the window is placed cupboard that can be transformed into a mini-working area. Less is more – well, not quite, but in fact it may be looked that way when it comes to good ideas!

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