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14 Responses

  1. Orion Jeckel says:

    That truly sounds exactly like english, beyond the lack of actual words

  2. Alex Herbruck says:

    I'm not even sure what the hell she said in US english… it was more like high school teen girl speak.

  3. Wow she got it spot on!

  4. I think that's the point. People that don't speak the language just hear a bunch of gibberish.

  5. Ian Payne says:

    i want to have her babies!

  6. Trenton Thompson says:

    That was definitely sexy, loved when she did Pizza haha

  7. Jake Fant says:

    LOL @ alex herbruck

  8. that was no hindi at all

  9. Larry Levine says:

    I thought I was decent at emulating world accents…that was awesome. But it doesn’t matter which language(s) you understood, that woman is stunning on a fuc*ing intergalactic level.

  10. mro1337 says:

    stop making videos

  11. Mark White says:

    Pizza? That’s racist.

  12. Mark White says:

    Also: 30 year old idea. nice try

  13. Max Lauretta says:

    dam she’s good

  14. Pâr-th Åmïñ says:

    Then why do I hear gibberish even though I speak it??? 🙂

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