Youngest Grandfathers Ever

#1 You Read That Right

Sure we might be overexposing this clan a bit on this list, but they are official the youngest grandparents alive. Those ages just don’t add up to a successful family unit.

#2 Happy Family

These two love birds’ parents are the youngest grandparents ever, so what is stopping them from following in the footsteps toward obscenely young grandparents status?

#3 That’s Just Scary

We’re not 100 percent on this, but we are confident that is not the proper baby head-stabilizing form. We are also damn sure that these two CHILDREN are too young to have a child.

#4 Grandpa Puma

Guy on left is guy on rights son. Guy on right also has a son. Guy on left is a grandpa, and pretty damn baby faced at that. Pretty simple, really.

#5 23 Years Young

This is a 23-year old grandmother and she hails from Romania. Hey, when in Romania, right?

#6 Whoopi One More Time

Whoopi is not exactly a x icon, but she is one young granny. In fact, she was a granny in her young 40’s, believe it or not.

#7 Granny Palin

Sarah Palin is well known as a political figure, but not everyone knows she is an official GILF. Hard to believe, but her daughter Bristol got preggers a little earlier than expected.

#8 Youngest Grandparents Alive

Look at this happy family. No seriously, this is three generations of the same family, and you are looking at the youngest grandparents alive.

#9 Pierce the Silver Fox

Pierce Brosnan has been wooing women since he emerged from the womb, so it is no surprise he is one of the youngest grandpas in Hollywood.

#10 Future Proud Grandparents

Sure, he is just a 15 year old father for now, but give it 10 years. We bet our house he has some grand-rascals calling him Pop Pop by then, scary thought.

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